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Art and Culture

We believe in the power of music that can inspire creativity and possibilities in our lives. Vagabond Entertainment is also an entity of teaching music to future generations, playing for people with special needs, contributing to various charities, and  cultivating further understanding of Asian culture. We are committed to be the catalyst in our community and neighborhood.

Music Education

Involvement with music from an early age is considered as a fundamental component in developing wide range of abilities. It is never too late to nourish life with playing music.

We can assist you to find the best match teachers for guitar, piano, drums, and voice training, for all ages.

Music as Healing

It is well-known that music has a power of healing. For children or seniors, with special needs or with medical assistance, we are here to provide musical service to brighten everyone's days.

We have worked with specialists and  rehabilitation establishments for organizing seasonal events and music programs.


We can make an impact on success of charity or fundraising events with the power of music. Among numerous contribution, we organized several fundraising shows for earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan in 2011. We raised more than $2000 by collaborating with local venues, bands, and blues society, and donated them through Consulate General of Japan and other organizations.


While music is an universal language, there's still needs to translate between English and Japanese. We have resources to introduce Japanese cultural elements as well, such as food, children's play, to English speakers.

We have helped for translation services for articles and play scripts, and so on.

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