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Music is a tough business. It has changed drastically in the last couple of decades due to the development of internet. Everybody can record their music and easily put them on their social network account. Even a short and raw video cause an overnight sensation. Sometimes it's just a luck, sometimes it's tactics. There is no Right or Wrong in Art. Every and each artist is unique. So, our motto is "Be Creative" in every way. Customized and flexible management plan is all we need to kick start.

Artist Management

Even with a talent, skills, and good songs, it's not easy to get discovered and recognized as an artist in today's highly competitive and ever-changing music industry. We can assist artists in various levels from booking shows to copyrighting their music.

- Booking
- Advertising/Promotion
- Marketing
- Copyright
Event Management

A home party, backyard BBQs, multiple bands show at a local club, or a big fundraiser at a function hall...., whatever purpose, wherever or whenever, if you need music, we can help. Planning is the key to a successful event. We have professional band equipment, PA system and....... excellent performers!

- Planning
- Sound System
- Advertising/Promotion
- Photo Shooting
- Video Shooting

Our Featured Artists

Satoru Nakagawa
Yukiko Fujii




Masa Nakamura
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